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Are you looking for classical music that you do not know yet?
Music of today in a musical language that sounds familiar and in which you immediately feel at home?

Here you can learn more about a composer who writes this sort of music. Listeners spontaneously do perceive his works as familiar – and at the same time as surprisingly independent and modern.
The fact that his music is reminiscent of “the classics” – Bach, Beethoven and many others – is at first sight obvious thanks to the chosen musical language: Symann composes consistently in the major-minor tonality, cadential and functional-harmonious – just classical.

Nevertheless his compositions are modern, for they are written in the same time and world his audiences are living in.
From the very beginning Symann also wrote independently: he did not adopt a specific style but used the well-known variety of traditional forms to develop a personal style, his own “handwriting”.

If you became curious now about his music:
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